I have one month’s worth of drugs! Yay! We’re busy working on importing the next batch. The medication was purchased with the money generated from ticket sales for Friday’s fundraiser, and the incredibly generous donations as a result of this site 🙂 So, THANK you!

The sponsorship from Actelion however, is not going to happen 🙁 So we’re still very much desperately focused on raising money for this drug!


This week has been another week of Coping Mode. There’s no time to be emotional or sentimental, for I am writing exams. I haven’t applied to varsity yet, but I’m desperate to get in to UCT, and so these marks really matter.

The problem is, there’s not much time to study. Take today, for example. I had a day off, so I woke up late (yay!) but without energy. I then had a doctor’s appointment and have spent the rest of the afternoon with Natalie, my young cousin, who is critically ill. I will get home in the next hour, and then begin learning for the Afrikaans literature exam tomorrow. I was absent for the vast majority of Afrikaans class this term, and have missed out on reading the setwork, revision, notes and so forth; as well as learning most of the poems. Thanks to my wonderfully generous friends I have notes to study from, but my point is that this will not be revision, but rather me learning from scratch, the night before the exam. Not ideal.

This is not the usual for me, but circumstances have made it difficult to be conscientious, of late. Every day I write an exam, go to Natalie’s, get home and then eventually get to cram some work I’ve usually never seen before.

Perhaps the trickiest thing is that my energy levels are very low due to lack of oxygen. Studying late into the night or early in the morning, or – let’s face it – absolutely any time of day is a mission. Not to mention actually trying to act awake and alert in an exam. I would always rather be sleeping. This is not really unique to me of course… ask any matric student and they’ll probably also prefer a nap to a study session. But imagine standing at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro after missing a couple nights of sleep, and you will understand the fatigue I’m dealing with.

All this has meant I’ve gone from a reasonably conscientious student who studies in advance to someone who has done a maximum of 40 minutes studying for her exams this past week. Let’s just say I’m a little stressed.

BUT if Natalie’s illness, and mine, and the various other serious and life-changing troubles, hurts and losses that are going on have done one thing, it’s to give me some serious perspective. So as time-pressed and exhausting as this period is, exams are the least of my worries. Right now is about being there for my family, and keeping my head above water.