So this is my section of the website. It’s the part where I share my thoughts and hopes and dreams, and where you maybe get to know me better.

To be honest, I find the whole concept a little scary. It’s always hardest to write about oneself. Blogging actually makes me feel quite vulnerable… so many unseen eyes could be potentially scouring my posts, criticizing and finding flaws….

But on the other hand, what an amazing privilege it is to have a platform to share my views, my sorrows and my joy. I have always loved writing, of all styles, and I’ve always been pretty excited by any forum where ideas can be shared.


So what precisely do I intend to blog about? I’m not completely sure. What I do know is that this blog will not become a vessel for me to complain or to become bitter. Rather, it shall morph organically into whatever form it best fits – probably a mix of stories and reflections, from amusing and light-hearted to sad or serious.

This is my way of letting you in to my life: the heart-wrenching struggles of dealing with terminal illness, mixed with the everyday loves, adventures and challenges of a hopeful young woman.