There is a lot going on at the moment – Jenna has not blogged for a while purely because she hasnt been doing so well healthwise and is pushing herself hard to write her Prelims/Mock Matric exams. Her extraordinary efforts to remain engaged in her Academic goals regardless of not even being well enough to even attend school for the past three weeks are to be admired and applauded.

Stuart and I are currently engaged in conversations with, and collaborating daily with local and international experts to find the best way forward and the right treatment for Jenna. There are some options , none of them easy, but we need to be sure of the next steps. It is largely due to this website, your incredible support of it, and Jenna’s raised media profile over the past three months that we are having success of any kind. Extraordinary doctors – giants in the world of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension  all over the world are giving of ther valuable time, expertise and advice daily to guide us through the next steps and we are SO grateful. Jenna also has support pouring in from all the PH Associations worldwide and so the journey to bring the very best expertise and medication to South Africa not only for our Jen but for all PH patients in SA continues.  We may need to make a trip to a centre of excellence for PAH, soon,  but will keep you posted.