A dear friend of mine, KARIN OSTERBERGER, who worked with me at Upfront Marketing many years ago is walking EL CAMINO (800 km) from 17 September 2013 and decided, just before going, that actually it would be great if she could incorporate her walk with raising funds for a cause that is really close to her heart. She chose Jenna who she feels is remarkable in her extra-ordinary courage, who refuses to give up on life despite feeling debilitated for most of the time. Said Kari ” Jenna, her parents and her sister have fully taken on the challenge of her condition and refuse to accept it without a fight – I believe that if they can do everything in their power to make sure they get her the best medical care needed for Jen then I can work to raise some of the much needed funds required for her on-going medical care” Jenna’s medication is not available in South Africa and is therefore costly and logistically difficult to get. Kari is asking her friends and whoever is touched by this cause and Jenna’s plight to donate however much you feel comfortable with for every kilometre that she walks.

Go to the How You Can Help page and pledge now … then reference your donation Karin/Camino Frances.

” Your support will be hugely appreciated. Please share this post – the more the merrier. With gratitude and thanks Karin”