A good friend of ours – Nicola Geldenhys has been training for many weeks to ride the Wines2Whales MTB event and the Double Century Road race next month. Says Niks ” I’m riding harder than I ever have in my life and am mindful of celebrating my sheer luck in having good health!  I am constantly aware of the daily battle that the wonderful Jenna Lowe endures with grace and fortitude whilst at the same time contributing so astonishingly to the lives of others. Jenna shows us how much one can achieve in spite of living with a debilitating illness as she raises awareness of the plight of other PH sufferers around the world. I am humbled by this incredible young woman and have decided to use my health to help. As her mom and dad say – It takes a village to raise a child – so please support my efforts and sponsor my rides in any way you can.”
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Jenna Lowe Trust First National Bank

Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

Branch Code: 250655

Business Account Number: 6238 7502 76

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ