Kristi’s song “I Need More Time” is added to a CD compilation along with famous local artists!


Next Music has recently launched a brand new compilation series called “Play ZA”

‘Play ZA Pop” is the first in the series and it showcases some amazing South African talent such as: Louise Carver, Craig Hinds, Niemand, Karen Zoid, Loki Rothman, Iso, PJ Powers, Byron Keno, Sam World, Daniel Baron, Mughshot, Ann Jangle, Shut Up! Its Sunday, Jake Gunn, Nic Billington, Dean Fuel, Axene, Cameron Bruce, K2, Graham Gillot band…

AND Kristi Lowe!



We are so proud of you Kristi – well done! What an honour, and with your very first release ever!


Buy on the International (US) iTunes store: Buy on the South African iTunes store:
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