I was deeply honoured when a few months ago Julia Friederich,
International Program Associate for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association
asked me to speak the International Leaders’ Summit planned to take place
the night before 2014’s International PH Conference.

Unfortunately Jenna’s health has deteriorated, meaning that a trip to the
United States was just not possible.

The Summit puts association leaders together from different parts of the
world to figure out ways to help each other better raise awareness, provide
medical education, advocate government, create psychosocial programming etc.
As this is such important work we decided that if I couldn’t fly there then
I should rather do my “talk” via video …

Here it is … you are the first to watch it – our story, our learnings, our
successes and hopes in a nutshell; one that will hopefully help others.
Please feel free to share it.

Production Credit: Berry Productions.
Thank you to Steve and Mary Berry, for the great work.