The urgency to do something creative and big has dawned. We need to impact on the amount of organ donors in SA in order to statistically improve Jenna’s chances of finding a donor in time.
If you have ever asked yourself how you can help… here it is. The most important message of our lives.
Nothing we have ever asked you is as important as this – please watch, like, join and share with everyone you know … through Facebook; twitter; web; email and any other method you can think of! We need traction #getmeto21

It will only take 51 seconds of your time and you could help save Jen’s life as well as that of many others.

There are two access points to this campaign –


Please help with this – we need it to go viral

Love and thanks

Gabi, Stuart, Jenna and Kristi Lowe
The Jenna Lowe Trust
Mobile Gabi: +27 83 455 4774
Mobile Stuart: +27 83 443 8111