Nobody has heard from me in a while. Often when you don’t hear from someone for a while, people may joke that they are dead or missing. In my case that joke might have been quite tasteless because Pulmonary Hypertension is a degenerative lung disease, and after 4 years with a severe case, waiting for lungs, it might not have been so far-fetched. The last post I wrote I was recovering from my rabbit chewing through my line. I was also getting weaker by the day and waiting and hoping….

On the 10th of December last year (2014) I received my miracle second chance at life – a bilateral lung transplant. So folks, I am still here! A bilateral lung transplant is one of the most dangerous surgeries possible, but I made it, and now for the first time I have left ICU and I am in the transplant ward, typing to the sounds of a Johannesburg thunderstorm.

Recovery is long and slow, and it’s been really hard. And there were moments where we thought I wouldn’t pull through. But pull through I did and now I can smell the rain outside my window and see daylight again. It’s so exciting to be able to have an almost normal life, although obviously there are many things to be cautious about and pills to take. That’s ok because I can make plans again, talk about the future, even picture it. It’s the most incredible feeling to have a dream and know that you could reach it.

To all those who have held me in their hearts during transplant and hospital, and my whole journey you have my endless love and gratitude and my utmost respect. It means the world to me to feel such incredible love and support. People have been angels to me. The utmost angels are my nurses and doctors. At the moment they are my world, and they are filling it with kindness, competence and at times pure brilliance.

Each day I send love and gratitude to my donor’s family, wherever they are, for giving me this. I can’t put the feeling into words. How do you thank someone for your life? Wherever they are – to them and to my angel-donor, thank you…. From the depths of my soul.

There is much more to be said and shared, but I am exhausted now. Forgive me if this post is too honest. I will write again soon as I recover.

All my love,


Jenna writing