Recovery is slow and difficult... but so worth it to live again

Recovery is slow and difficult… but so worth it to live again

Hello everyone 🙂 I’m finally getting there… eating, breathing, even slowly walking 😀 Very soon I’ll be able to leave this ward. I’ll be nursed by my parents at our temporary home, close to hospital, and but come in often for treatment.

I have been off oxygen for 5 whole days. It’s been 2 years since I last breathed without that tube trailing me. To be free of the the plastic across my face and the hissing in my ears, to not be tethered to a machine… it’s the most incredible feeling 🙂 I send endless love to the many patients on 02, especially with the recent load-shedding.

I walked up 7 stairs today, one for each life a donor could save

I keep thinking it’s not possible to be more grateful for my lungs but with each milestone my gratitude to my angel donor grows <3

I’ll write again soon, but for now all my love