Message on Jen’s birthday

Today we wake with heavy, heavy hearts… it is our beautiful Jen’s birthday, her much awaited 21st.

Nothing could be more painful … our beautiful girl is not here with us … but her spirt is everywhere. We have been dreading the arrival of today, but the incredible legacy that Jenna has left us to follow and honour must give us the courage to carry on.

In truth Jenna’s Getmeto21 campaign was less about her getting to her 21st birthday and more about her intense desire to make a difference in this world. It was Jenna’s way of shaking the tree … her way of imploring South Africans to realise that literally thousands of people are awaiting transplants. Jenna did that, she woke us up to the dire need for organ donors in South Africa, and the difficult battle that patients and patient families with rare diseases face.

We, her family, will continue Jenna’s work in her honour. From today the Jenna Lowe Trust will run as a non-profit organisation so that we can continue her GetMeTo21 organ donation drive; help raise awareness and funding for a much-needed State lung transplant unit (one of Jenna’s deepest wishes); and help other patients and their families in South Africa with Pulmonary Hypertension to get the treatment and care they need.

Relate Bracelet for Jen launched on her birthday

To celebrate Jenna and all she stood for we have designed a red beaded RELATE bracelet that will raise funds for The Jenna Lowe Trust. Wear the change you want to see … and buy your stack of Jenna bracelets here.

Happy Birthday beautiful darling Jen; no words are adequate enough to describe how deeply you are loved and missed. Our hearts are broken, but our will to do right by you is not.

Gabi, Stuart and Kristi


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