Cycles are a constant … one of the few things we know for sure is that everything will change; and one of our challenges is the constant need to recalibrate, rethink and adjust. Having just received our PBO number (930052755); The Jenna Lowe Trust is entering a whole new cycle as a Public Benefit Organisation. Having waited a while for approval we are really excited to be stepping into this new chapter and the opportunities it will open up. We should now be able to enter a whole new level of collaboration with corporations, businesses and other organisations. We are more committed than ever to raising the funds needed to continue the incredible work that Jenna started in improving the landscape of Pulmonary Hypertension and organ donation awareness in SA. I know she is smiling down on us right now encouraging us all to keep going, to keep making a difference.

The Jenna Lowe PH Clinic at Grooteschuur Hospital in Cape Town is constantly growing. We now have over 44 regular state patients who have access to the expertise they need. We hold monthly support groups for patients and their families and are also helping patients without the means to fund much needed medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators and mobility devices. We have also started the much-needed Jenna Lowe National PH registry that will vastly improve SA’s ability to access data and do proper research.


Due to our beloved Jen doing an excellent job of raising awareness of this incredibly rare disease, patients and carers reach out to us regularly. One such person was loving and concerned daughter, Carmen, whose mum Linda suffers from PH. Linda was in need of some additional O2 support. Thank you to the Scoble family at Auric Auto, and ALL those who raised funds to ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour, we were recently able to purchase her a portable oxygen machine.

The Jenna Lowe PH Clinic lead Pulmonologist, Dr Greg Symons, continues to do incredible work. He is also an active member of the South African Thoracic Society and helping plan this year’s SA Thoracic Society Congress to be held from the 23rd-25th of August 2017 at Grooteschuur in Cape Town. The theme for this year’s congress “innovation to improve lung health” is a perfect opportunity in which to bring doctors from all over the country to Cape Town to share their knowledge and expertise. We are working hard to fund a visit from global PH expert Professor David Badesch to be the keynote speaker for the Congress and visit the Jenna Lowe PH Clinic. Funding to the tune of about R200 000 is required so we will keep you posted on progress.

The last cycle is the most difficult to talk about … that of continual grief and loss, life and death. The 8th of June 2017, will mark the second anniversary of our beautiful Jenna’s death. It is a deeply sad and poignant time that sometimes leaves us breathless with the pain of her loss. It is of massive comfort to be able to do something to honour her, remember her and continue her legacy at this time and so the family will be travelling up the West Coast to Yzerfontein to join the Yzerfontein Cycle Experience.

The Yzerfontein Cycle Experience was voted best new race on the Pedal Power Association calendar last year and has elected The Jenna Lowe Trust as one of their beneficiaries this year. Make a weekend of it or drive up on Sunday morning (just one short hour’s drive up the west coast) and come and join us. There are two flat, fast, non-technical routes … a 73km and a 47km route plus food stands, live music, craft stalls and kids entertainment. Can’t wait to see you there … and if, like me, you are really not a cyclist at all then a group of us are doing our own FUN ride – dressing up our bikes (ala African burn) and riding out for three km’s and back for three km’s .. JOIN US!


Support The Jenna Lowe Trust and enter the Yzerfontein Cycle Experience now…

  • Sunday 11th June
  • 73km route R250 entry fee
  • 47km route R200 entry fee
  • Both routes flat, fast and non-technical through the West Coast National Park
  • Yzerfontein is just one short hours drive up the West Coast
  • Gourmet food stall, craft stalls, kids activities and live music
  • Register at
  • For more information phone 022 451 2202
  • On the side FUN ride

Some of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The Jenna Lowe Trust.


If you would like to make a donation directly toward The Jenna Lowe Trust then herewith the details:

  • The Jenna Lowe Trust
  • First National Bank
  • Claremont, CAPE TOWN
  • Branch Code: 250655
  • Bank Account Number: 6238 7502 761
  • PBO Number: 9300 52755
  • Trust Number: IT2852/2012
  • Payment notification to: