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card-4Wear the change you want to see. Your Jenna Lowe Trust RELATE bracelet will not only remind you of the incredible legacy Jenna left for us all, it will also show your support for her. The funds raised will go directly towards our projects to honour Jenna’s wonderful legacy to raise organ donation rates and awareness. They will also help PH patients get earlier diagnosis and the right care, and to motivate for and help with funds for a state facility for potential lung transplant patients.

Wear your Jenna Lowe Trust RELATE bracelet to show your support and help spread Jenna’s legacy. Available now! Follow this link to buy your bracelet and wear it with pride! Available soon at your local retailer (watch this website for details)


Purchase a Jenna Lowe Trust RELATE bracelet to show your support for Jenna and her Getmeto21 campaign that made such a massive impact on the amount of organ donors in South Africa.

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Relate_introduction_August_2015-1RELATE is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise founded with the vision to help the less fortunate create better lives for themselves.  We exist as a fundraising mechanism for charity causes, enterprise development and human capital.  Our trademark R bead on all RELATE bracelets is our commitment that over 60% of our income goes to social upliftment and credible causes.

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