Thank you for considering a donation to the Jenna Lowe Trust. In her short life Jenna made a massive social impact, most notably with her Getmeto21 campaign, which significantly increased organ donor registrations in South Africa. Jenna was determined to help other suffers with PH to get earlier diagnosis than she did to help increase their life expectancy. She was determined to change the landscape of organ donation in SA so that more patients can receive the life-saving transplants they desperately need. Jenna also wanted to ensure the opening of a lung transplant unit for state patients.

Any and all funds donated to The Jenna Lowe Trust will be used to help other PH patients in South Africa to get earlier diagnosis, have better care and more access to treatments. We intend to continue to raise awareness of the dire shortage of organ donors in South Africa AND for a State lung transplant facility so that state patients can also have a chance at life. Currently there is no state facility for lung transplants in South Africa.

Current Project: The first project we’re working on is to share the valuable international collaboration and expertise we had the privilege of experiencing during Jenna’s illness. We will fund Nurse Lizzie (Jenna’s nurse who assisted throughout her illness and was trained by Dr Badesch and his nurse practitioner from the University of Denver Colorado Hospital). Lizzie will share this knowledge with other patients and their families and work at the newly opened PH Clinic at Groote Schuur. When Jen was first diagnosed there was no ‘home’ for patients with this cruel disease. We want to ensure that patients have a centre of excellence to go to, where the latest knowledge on treatments and care is available.

The exact objectives of the trust are mandated as follows:

1.To raise awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension in South Africa, to encourage and facilitate earlier diagnosis, and to provide better care for patients, caregivers and patient families.

  1. To increase public awareness around the shortage of organ donors in South Africa, as well as addressing misconceptions and driving registration.
  2. To create platforms that raise funds for, and donate money to, campaigns and projects that are directly related to Pulmonary Hypertension and Organ Transplantation in South Africa.
  3. To support projects and people who educate and train individuals, families and organisations in broad or specific areas of Pulmonary Hypertension and Organ Transplantation.

The Jenna Lowe Trust is 100% a not for profit organisation and it remains specifically recorded that no trustee is paid for his or her time in executing their duties as trustee. Such time is all given voluntarily, free of charge.

How to donate:

1. EFT

For Electronic Fund Transfers here are the Banking Details:

  • The Jenna Lowe Trust
  • First National Bank
  • Vineyard Road Branch, Claremont, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa 7708
  • SA National Clearing Code: 250655
  • Business Account Number: 6238 7502 761
  • Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

NOTE: When doing an international transfer be sure to flag it as a foreign transfer – you will require the following additional information:

  • First National Bank – a division of FirstRand Bank Limited
  • An authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider (NCRCP20) Reg. No. 1929/001225/06.
  • Bank Address: FNB Vineyard Road Branch, Claremont, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 7708
  • Bank Landline Number: +27 21 683 2151

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