Jenna Becomes a Lead SA Hero

Jenna-lowe-Lead-SA-AwardJenna won many awards in her short life. Most revolved around Excellence in Academics, Public Speaking, Debating and Leadership.

In October 2014, by which time Jenna was so ill she was unable to leave the house, she was made Lead SA’s Youth Hero of the Month in the Western Cape, due to the incredible impact of her Getmeto21 campaign. The massive effect she’d had on other people’s lives and organ donation registration awareness had been recognised.

She was later posthumously picked as Lead SA Youth Hero of the Year for the Western Cape in July 2015. Shortly thereafter Jenna was awarded Lead SA Youth Hero of the Year nationally.

This incredible award was so richly deserved. Stuart and I flew to Johannesburg to accept the award on Jenna’s behalf. Our beautiful girl’s bravery, courage, and determination to make a difference, even in the face of terrible adversity, was fittingly recognised at the #Changemakers Conference.

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