Jenna’s GetMeTo21 Campaign


The Invitation to Jen’s 21st

In October 2014, despite being bedridden with PH, twenty-year-old Jenna Lowe invited the entire nation to her 21st birthday. The results were astounding.
Her invitation went viral, it was all over social media, in every newspaper, on radio and television. This was the single most successful call to action for organ donors in South Africa, with more that 20 000 new organ donors signing up in just three months – a 287%increase in donor registrations. Over R14 million was raised in media generating awareness for the dire situation in SA.
Jenna was getting worse by the day and on the 10th of December 2015, a match was found. Jenna had four hours to get to Johannesburg . She was emergency airlifted in time thanks to some remarkable people, including the Ackerman family. She received a double lung transplant at 6pm that evening, after eight hours of intensive surgery.

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Astounding Results and Awards

Loeries 2015
Gold for the “Get Me To 21” campaign in the PR category
Bronze for the “Get Me To 21” campaign in the Social Media category

ACA Apex Awards for Effectiveness
Gold (in the Change category) for the “Get Me To 21” campaign
Grand Prix for the “Get Me To 21” campaign
The “Special Award” for the most successful submission for a charity or non-profit organisation for the “Get me to 21” campaign

IAB Bookmark awards
Silver Bookmark for the “Get Me To 21” integrated social media campaign.


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