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#GetMeTo21 Wins Digital Ad of the Year Award

More great news from the #GetMeTo21 campaign is that we've won the Digital Ad of the Year Award for 2015 at the Creative Circle awards. Post from our partners, MullenLowe SA: The Jenna Lowe #GetMeTo21 campaign, conceptualised by MullenLowe South Africa, has taken...

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Get Me to 21

The urgency to do something creative and big has dawned. We need to impact on the amount of organ donors in SA in order to statistically improve Jenna’s chances of finding a donor in time. If you have ever asked yourself how you can help… here it is. The most...

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Celebrity Sunday Feedback and Fabulous pics!

Thanks to our wonderful Cape Town community just over R220 000 was raised at Celebrity Sunday for The Jenna Lowe Trust  on Sunday the 7th of September 2014. SO much fun was had by all and the show has been called “world class”! Thanks for the support… . Jenna is no...

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“I Need More Time” added to Play ZA compilation series

Kristi's song "I Need More Time" is added to a CD compilation along with famous local artists! Next Music has recently launched a brand new compilation series called "Play ZA" 'Play ZA Pop" is the first in the series and it showcases some amazing South African talent...

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Fighting the odds: Article in Southern Suburbs Tatler

November is global Pulmonary Hypertension awareness month, and we continue our efforts to raise awareness of this rare and misunderstood illness ... thank you Karen Kotze for this insightful feature that appeared in the Southern Suburbs Tatler on the 8th of November....

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Front page news in Australia

In order to treat Jenna with the next level of medication (IV Flolan) here in South Africa, we have needed, as a family, to garner international support from specialist doctors around the globe, who are recognised as "Giants" in the PH community - Dr David Badesch,...

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