The Legal Stuff

In the interests of transparency, here is the mandate as agreed by all the trustees for The Jenna Lowe Trust:

The primary objective of the trust is to raise funds for the benefit of Jenna Jean Lowe, specifically in the area of her medical requirements, and her general maintenance and well-being.

Without limiting the generality of this objective, the trustees are authorised to disburse funds as follows:

1. To pay Jenna’s direct medical costs, including all medicines, costs of medical professionals and other service providers who assist her, and all medical equipment and related items required by her, as a result of her medical condition.

2. To pay all tangible expenses that were directly incurred in sourcing income for the trust.

3. To pay all statutory and professional costs of the trust that may arise from time to time.

4. To reimburse members of her immediate family, and any other person who renders support to Jenna, for proven, tangible expenses incurred in the course of rendering support to her.

5. To employ on a full-time or part-time basis any nurse, care-giver or similar support personnel who in the opinion of the trustees need to be employed specifically to render services to Jenna, as her circumstances may dictate from time to time.

6. To make any other payments which the trustees, by unanimous consent, are satisfied fall within the ambit of the above objectives, and would be acceptable to the body of donors, who have donated funds towards this cause, mindful of the objectives of the trust.

7. At their discretion, having regard for the financial situation of the trust and Jenna’s needs, the trustees may from time to time consider donating funds to related medical research, charities in a related field, other patients with serious life-threatening ailments, and institutions that meet these objectives.

8. It is however specifically recorded that no trustee will be paid for his or her time in executing thier duties as trustee. Such time is given voluntarily, free of charge.

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